About Us



BIOCHEMASTERZ- Our group is a lot of fun as each member is unique and has many diverse ideas. There are four girls and one lucky boy in our blog. Coming from different respective homes and having different cultural background we all share one thing in common a great passion for the biochemistry course.

Ar  –I am 21 years old and is pursuing a degree in biology at the University of The West Indies. I’m from Princes Town and attended Presentation College San Fernando. I never give up on something that I really want but I always try not to bite more than I can chew. I’ve always had an interest in biology, I also love music which is why I play and write music/songs. Additionally I’m the treasurer of a charity organization called Sunnyside Foundation. I’m not the simplest of persons but I’m easy to get along with. I am enjoying the Biochemistry class thus far, as of now I can’t say much about the class but it does hold my attention which is a good thing.

 ReI became intrigued with the science behind common everyday things and since then followed through by studying science at a tertiary level. Biochemistry is extremely interesting and the combination of two fields of science to explain the human anatomy as well as other concepts is quite evolutionary.

HaI am a very outgoing person that likes to engage in outdoor activities, learning new things and doing experiments. I am very passionate about life and its many wonders. As a result this course captivates my attention. I am looking forward to getting more in dept in biochemistry and am aware that it requires hard work and persistence and is willing and open to gain as much knowledge there is to offer.

PriHi , I am currently pursuing a bachelor of science in chemistry and biology. I really like biochemistry and was very happy when I heard we had to do a blog. I thought of it as an exciting and colorful way for us to get a better understanding of this course.

Ay– I am from one of the best places in Trinidad, the humble borough of Point Fortin. Currently  twenty years of age, my dream is to become a pediatrician. At first, when I heard the word biochemistry, I thought to myself , why do they need to add chemistry to spoil it. This may be a tough one or it might be the opposite . Who knows? But after my first lecture of Biochemistry , it turned out to be a lot simpler  and enjoyable than expected and our lecturer is really cool and fun.